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  • TangTang

    In 2015, Filippo Yeh, a Malaysian Chinese designer, joined hands with Aibo furniture to create an original home brand "Tangtang" by integrating Shanghai style new Chinese style with international style.

    Tang Dynasty is a world center with open culture and developed trade. Tang Tang, named after it, undertakes the responsibility of regaining cultural confidence and creating new styles to lead the design trend. "As a nation full of wisdom and highly educated, their culture will be appreciated, absorbed and used, and at another stage, it will be changed and innovated. This is the natural law of cultural development. "


    Tang Tang is a new attempt of new Chinese style. It ignores the tradition and uses international design language to create home fashion. He can use gorgeous top leather material with rose gold bracket, like Gaoding clothing, dare to present innovation, but also has the ability to balance the conflict of aesthetic feeling; it challenges technology, breaks cultural boundaries, is full of surprise and is not afraid of controversy. Design should not have boundaries, it can contain diverse ideas and styles, open and change. This is the attitude we should have!


    Tang Tang tastes the East and the west, accompanied by fashion and Shanghai style;

    The design combination of Tang Tang Tang in various forms highlights the advantages of different cultures with different materials;

    Tang Tang hall is unique in design and appropriate in proportion. It is out of the mainstream new Chinese material framework.

    Everything in the past will be a new beginning.

    When retro style and fashion live in the same room, East feeling and West rhyme are integrated. When you are familiar with various cultures, your perception of the times and styles will sprout a knowing consensus in your memory.

    With the change of cheongsam, Xiangyun, accompanied by iris, has crossed different cultures, but there is no aesthetic barrier.

    Because of the unique design and appropriate proportion.

    ——Mix and match, it's not easy.


    We are open and do not reject various styles, but we reject singleness and poverty.

    It is based on the contemporary living style,

    With beautiful design (material, pattern and decoration), Tang Tang Tang is endowed with the ultimate quality.

    We accept western aesthetic education and modernist values,

    But we have a Chinese aesthetic complex that is hard to let go,

    We need to go beyond the surprise,

    A new expression of contemporary Chinese style home atmosphere,

    Elegance without poverty, luxury without ostentation,

    Poetic and romantic, and full of human joy.

    Tang Tang does not speak for others. It is connected with TT and symbolizes itself. It has its own style and unique scenery.


    Shanghai has never been a simple place, it only pays corresponding admiration for its magnificence.

    There are Shanghai celebrities before, and old Keller later. The basis of Shanghai style life is not to deal with their own life casually.

    The essence of Shanghai style culture is to face all the beautiful things, as broad and inclusive as the sea, ushering in the integration of all cultures.

    Therefore, there is no need to make a difficult choice between European style, American style, minimalist Italian style and new Chinese style. There is no need to fall into the barrier between art, commerce and avant-garde design. Here, they can be a harmonious whole.

    ——You deserve a choice like a well-made cocktail, rich and unique.

    In every new Shanghai style international style place, meet Tang Tang Tang.